Korean Melon 4-4.5 lb

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Korean Melon 4-4.5 lb
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Reviews (257)
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This time it was fresh, crispy and sweet.
Not very sweet, a bit raw. .
A bag of 5 melons tastes the taste of hometown melons.
I ordered it after reading the comments and said it was sweet, but why does my taste seem to be eating cucumber?
Five cantaloupe in a bag, delicious, recommended
I have received several pills, it feels a bit raw
Repurchased. It’s fresh and sweet! Our must buy during summer.
Crispy, somewhat sweet, with bursts of fruity aroma, a kid likes to eat it, so I buy it back and buy it again
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United States
Unit Qty:
4-4.5 lb

Grown in east Asia, the Korean Melon is also known as the Golden Melon or Sun Jewel. With its petite oval shape and bright yellow rind, it's white flesh tastes like cantalope, pear, and bananas. Some even have compared it to sweet cucumber. As most melons, this one is also a great source of hydration due to high water content. Enjoy it sliced, juiced, or cooked up. Melon binge, here we come!

Korean Melon


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