Kuze Fuku & Sons Tomato Cream Sauce 340 g

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Kuze Fuku & Sons Tomato Cream Sauce 340 g
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Reviews (49)
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It tastes very good, making noodles and pasta are good choices
A small can, it should serve two people at most, I hope it tastes good.
It goes well with a meal or pasta, or it is delicious with bread
This is the second purchase. The child really likes the pasta cooked in this jar of sauce. I hope there is a special price.
Anna Peng
The first time I bought it, it was just right for two adults and one child to eat one can. I added some seafood and vegetables, and the delicious ones will continue to be repurchased!
I used the whole bottle of sauce to make seafood spaghetti. A family of four just finished eating. The taste is very good. The children like it very much. Next time, I will have a few more bottles for the special price.
The taste is very good. It is much better than the foreigner brand. Our taste is lighter. We made four bowls of noodles and only used half a bottle.
Creamy ketchup is the taste of ketchup with cream, and it also has the taste of onion. I don't know what to cook. It should be the easiest to eat noodles!
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340 g

Kuze Fuku & Sons Tomato Cream Sauce is the perfect blend of red-ripened tomatoes grown under the California sun and fresh cream.

Based on our unique recipe created in Nagano, but produced in Oregon using locally sourced ingredients, this sauce is ready to serve with your pasta dish or in your favorite recipes!

Tomato Cream Pasta


A quick and easy pasta dish with Tomato Cream Sauce and broccoli and topped with salmon. It makes a delicious lunch or dinner!



Pasta of your choice

1 jar of Kuze Fuku & Sons Tomato Cream Pasta sauce

Salmon, 3 thin slices

Broccoli, chopped

1 tbsp Butter



Put broccoli in a pan with butter and simmer, covered, until soft, stirring as needed. Add Kuze Fuku & Sons Tomato Cream Pasta sauce and mix well. Add boiled and well-drained pasta and mix until well-blended. Remove from heat and serve, topped with cooked salmon slices.

Our Tomato Cream Sauce makes a great sauce for your gratin dish!

Add salt, olive oil, and pepper to our Tomato Cream Sauce, and your delicious soup is ready.


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