Kyoho Black Grapes with Seed 3 lb

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Kyoho Black Grapes with Seed 3 lb
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Reviews (29)
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It’s really not good. I have never eaten such sour Kyoho grapes, and they are very small, and it’s very troublesome to eat with seeds.
Claire Hsin
Each grape is not big, but sweet and sour, tastes good, the skin is slightly thicker, you need to spit out the seeds
I bought Jufeng grapes for the first time this summer 🍇 is too small, the taste is not bad!
The sticker on the box is different from the website. This brand is better than other Kyoho
Very fresh and sweet, I will definitely buy it again next time
I don’t know which farm it belongs to. I’m sorry to buy it after looking at the evaluation. It should be better in a few weeks.
This is very fresh, but the grains are small and very sour. This is not the authentic Kyoho grape that I bought in the Chinese supermarket before, it is big and sweet. Will not repurchase
It’s not always big and big, so small. Sweet and sour, good taste.
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United States
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3 lb

Kyoho Black Grapes with Seed