Kyoho grape black seeded 3 lb

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Kyoho grape black seeded 3 lb
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Compared with American grapes, the taste is too good, and the skin is not willing to throw it. I made Tao Zhiyao with sparkling water, which is great 👏
This is not giant peaks, this is giant acid! Don't buy, don't buy, don't buy, it's small and sour.
It’s really young and I didn’t read the comments.
Min Ling
I’m too small and I’m familiar with it. I hope it’s bigger next time.
Friends, don't buy this grape! If you don't say this is grapes, I might think this is blueberries! One bite is either skin or nuclear, and 13.49? ! This is not Kyoho grape, I think this is tiny blueberry! !
It’s sour, it’s not a Kyoho grape at all, so don’t buy it.
The size is actually not big, maybe because I misunderstood "Jufeng". Taste, sweet in the first time, after biting into the flesh, it starts to pan sour😃 There are seeds. I checked it online, and I don’t know if I should eat grape skins and grape seeds, hahaha.
Small and sour will not repurchase
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United States
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3 lb

Kyoho grape balck seeded