LQQM Puff Paratha Chive Pancake Original Flavor, Frozen 5pc 1 each

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LQQM Puff Paratha Chive Pancake Original Flavor, Frozen 5pc 1 each
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Haven't eaten it yet, it looks good!
Long-term purchase, essential for breakfast and supper, put it directly into the pot without adding oil, you can add eggs
Hand cakes that are often bought in the Super League
Breakfast is too suitable, add an egg, perfect! It's chewy when the time is right, and it's crispy when it's time! Will repurchase
The first delivery experience is very good First of all, there are coupons of $20, and the discount is very strong Secondly, the logistics information is very accurate. There are only a few minutes left to arrive. There is no need to fear that the package will be lost. The delivery staff will contact you by phone, which is very safe. Finally, the fresh ingredients are very fresh, the packaging is very strong, very Chinese style, rest assured To sum up, I am very satisfied. I have recommended to my friends to download the App, and I am ready to buy it for a long time.
It comes with some saltiness, so there is no need to add salt when eating.
Seeing reviews are all praised and tried again, the taste is not bad, everyone in the family only ate one piece because it was too oily to eat😅
This is the first time I bought this brand of catch cake
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1 each