Lan Zhou Beef Noodles 2 Servings 425 g

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Lan Zhou Beef Noodles 2 Servings 425 g
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Reviews (12)
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The taste of the soup is really the same as in the store.
Super delicious Lanzhou Ramen, very authentic
First of all, I am from Lanzhou. This noodle is really authentic! Just add the meat yourself, the portion is still quite sufficient. Will repurchase regularly
See the dishes in the comments. . . It should not be a native of Lanzhou. . . The authentic beef noodles only have radish, sliced or cut beef and minced garlic sprouts. As a Lanzhou native, I said that at least he did not call Lan (Qing) Zhou (Hai) Ramen or Beef Noodles, so I praised him. . . And the soup is very clear and authentic. The rest of love and non-love depends on everyone's preference. Lanzhou Beef Noodles is not braised beef noodles, it is just a bowl of clear soup, not miso soup. It's very comfortable to have a bowl when I miss home.
This Lanzhou beef noodle is more authentic than in the store, so delicious 😋, it is very spicy and fragrant, manual 👍 praise and praise...
Kit Wang
Complete, not damaged, Tege stocks goods, tastes good
It can only be said that the taste is okay, which is incomparable to the domestic Lanzhou ramen. Fortunately, there are chili peppers, and the food is still very fragrant.
very convenient! Rich flavor! It's great with vegetables and meat!
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425 g

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