Large Brown Eggs 12 count

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Large Brown Eggs 12 count
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Another broken one, hey. The egg is like this, the most important thing is that my box 📦 was obviously dropped, and the opening of the box is not directly above it. Then the driver asked me to pick it up from the sidewalk at the intersection. I said I couldn't go, so he moved me to the entrance of the building. I don't want to be sent upstairs. I can understand. What is going on when you ask me to go to a place 500 meters away from the entrance of the building? I would not tip if I knew it. Weee is not good at this point. The tip is collected when the order is placed.
Very fresh and big eggs🥚
The eggs are very fresh. Every one is intact and unbroken
Mal De Coucoun
It's a very fresh egg! And cheap
When buying eggs, pay attention to 3 broken eggs
The eggs this time are bigger than the ones I bought last time, and they are also very fresh!
The eggs look fresh, but they are really not large! It's just that the medium size is still too small!
The eggs are well packed and there is no broken
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United States
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12 count