Liao Hsin Lan Dried Tofu 3.8 oz

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Liao Hsin Lan Dried Tofu 3.8 oz
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Reviews (42)
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I miss the taste, the best dried bean curd in my heart, and I will buy it again
It suits the taste, repeatedly repurchasing and matching TV
When you receive it, open it and eat it immediately, it's delicious, and you will repurchase it.
Sweet, sweet and delicious. Sealed mouth, easy to eat, worth buying
Yu-Chen Liu
Although it is a bit small, the production date/storage period are marked, which makes people feel more reassured. The seal is a zipper bag and it is also a more intimate packaging. The disadvantage is that it tastes the same no matter what you buy. It is the taste of dried bean curd, oil. The taste is heavier than Yuxiang dried tofu, and the dried tofu is also relatively dry. It is not particularly delicious to relieve gluttons
selena jiang
Sweet, a bit of Wuxi dried tofu, very delicious.
Liao Xinlan's dried tofu is delicious, and I can finally buy it on Weee. I am very happy. The price is great at the special price, and it is not much different from Taiwan.
The taste is a bit sweet, with a slight spicy taste
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3.8 oz

Liao Hsin Lan Dried Tofu

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