Liziqi Instant Noodles, Chili Oil Flavor 135 g

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Liziqi Instant Noodles, Chili Oil Flavor 135 g
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Here's another one, I like Li Ziqi's products
I like Li Ziqi's products very much, I am happy to buy them on Weee
More packets than I expected. (There are two packets of preserved vegetables that aren't listed on the English label.) Tip: put the dry seasoning packet in before the noodles so you don't lose all the green onions when you drain. The noodles have a good bite and don't lose texture after sitting for a few minutes. Good balance of flavors. Only half the chili oil packet was spicy enough for me. Expensive for instant noodles, but I might buy them again.
The noodles are very strong and the ingredients are quite a lot. If you don’t eat spicy food, you can put a little bit less
It’s pretty tasty. However it takes work to make this. I have to pour hot water and than drain all the water out. Then put all the seasoning. Beware of the chili oil. It’s extremely spicy so put it according to your spice level.
Very convenient
I bought it at a discount and it tastes good.
Quite expensive, there is nothing in it, the taste is average, I don’t like it
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Unit Qty:
135 g
Wheat (Gluten), Soy.

Ingredients: noodles, oil bag, powder bag, vinegar bag, kelp flavor bag, fungus bamboo shoot flavor bag

Allergens: contains wheat, wheat bran, soy and sesame

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf life: see packaging

The dough is made with high quality wheat, resulting in wide and thin noodles that are smooth and firm. For the seasoning, dried and mashed Chaotian peppers are used to retain the aroma of the peppers, with vegetable oils, and then add sesame seeds, and spices. Paired with kelp and black fungus bamboo shoots, the overall meal is spicy, crispy, delicious, and full of wonderful aromas.

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