Love Me Sweet Black Sesame Cake 160-240 g

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Love Me Sweet Black Sesame Cake 160-240 g
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It's small~ but it's delicious and the sweetness is just right!
This one is actually black sesame and Oreo Cookie cake. I feel that there are too many cookies, which dilutes the taste of cheese cake. I personally feel that it is not as delicious as the original taste. Will not repurchase again.
A small box. When this size is opened, I will be disappointed, it's really not big. Only suitable for discount...
It is a size of cup cake. Waste of money. Taste average. Not even a $5 cake.
I don’t want to eat the cake below.
I feel that the sesame flavor is a bit bitter, and the matcha is still the best. Hahaha, I should not repurchase the sesame flavor next time.
I know it’s very small but I didn’t expect it to be similar to my fist. XD (my hand is very small). It’s very insurance and it’s very complete, and it tastes very good 👍
Don’t waste your money for this tiny cake! It’s so disgusting when I open it.
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Unit Qty:
160-240 g
Milk, Eggs, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat (Gluten), Soy.

A cake that speaks to your soul. This Love Me Sweet Black Sesame Cake is made with baked black sesame cream, chocolate shortbread, and sweet vanilla sponge cake. With a strong ancient flavor, dessert time is not for those who take it lightly. Perfect size to share between 1-2 people. 

Love Me Sweet is a bakery that specializes in making Japanese-style cheesecakes and other baked goods. LMS uses only the finest ingredients and has worked over the years to craft the best desserts to create an unforgettable delicious experience for our customers!


Allergens: Contains milk, wheat, egg, dairy, peanuts, cashews, almond, soy, walnut, pecan. 


Storage Conditions: Keep frozen. 


Love Me Sweet Black Sesame Cake



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