MX Lava Quartet Mooncake 1 box

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MX Lava Quartet Mooncake 1 box
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Reviews (11)
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I bought this for mid autumn festival 🌕. Exquisite package✨. It also come with a gift bag. The chocolate 🍫 is okay. Coffee ☕️ is too bitter for my liking. My husband like it though😄. My least favorite one is the cheese flavor😑. It kinda like hard, aged cheese 🧀 but in the cake form. Not the usually sweet, creamy, mellow cheesecake 🍰 that you would expect. I still prefer the traditional 🥮 after eating all these. Next year I will just buy the regular MX lava custard one. It still the best.
After eating so many mooncakes, including the peninsula's custard mooncakes, I still like Meixinliuxin the most. Except for the cheese flavor, which is too strong to accept, the other three flavors are also delicious😋
Happy Mooncakes are here. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Very exquisite. I also gave a bag as a gift.
_ Life、?
Mid-autumn moon watching🎑 hasn't started to eat
There are four flavors in a box, and the mooncakes are delicate, soft, and moderately sweet. Mooncakes that the whole family loves, must buy every year!
A small one, the four flavors are still the best with cheese and original flavor. Just tried the chocolate and coffee caramel.
Delicious moon cakes🥮! Thanks Weee!
确实还是原味最好吃 The classic flavor is still the best. Chocolate: Tastes like a dry chocolate lava cake; didn't feel like I was eating a mooncake at all. Coffee caramel: More complex flavor profile, better tasting than the chocolate one. Still, this didn't feel like a mooncake at all; I'd rather eat a proper lava cake. Cheese: Smells too strong for my comfort (think aged hard cheese, not cream cheese/conventional cheesecake). I love my aged cheese, but not in this form. The salted egg lava saved the day. Classic: Now this one is yummy.
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Hong Kong
Unit Qty:
1 box

MX Lava Quartet Mooncake Introduction:

MX Lava Quartet Mooncake is very delicious and deeply loved by many people across the world. The MX Lava Quartet Mooncakes include Lava Custard Mooncake (2 pcs), Lava Chocolate Mooncake (2 pcs), Lava Caramel Macchiato Mooncake (2 pcs), and Lava Cheese Mooncake (2 pcs). As one of the largest online Asian grocery stores near you, Weee! offers authentic MX Lava Quartet Mooncake at a competitive price.

Lava Custard Mooncake (2 pcs): Made with the finest ingredients like French Butter, coconut cream from Southeast Asia, and exceptional salted egg yolks, and utilizing the “double baking” method, the delicious savory custard filling will remain molten and creamy even at room temperature.

Lava Chocolate Mooncake (2 pcs): Featuring Cacao Barry’s 100% cocoa powder, rich and smooth chocolate crust, and lava chocolate filling. All the ingredients are guaranteed to provide the utmost chocolate indulgence experience and chocolate lovers can now get into the spirit of Mid-Autumn Festival!

Lava Caramel Macchiato Mooncake (2 pcs): The rich coffee aroma on the exterior and the lava caramel in the interior comes together for an extra memorable experience, perfect for fans of caramel macchiatos.

Lava Cheese Mooncake (2 pcs): Using Gouda Cheese from Northern Europe that remains one of the oldest recorded cheeses in the world, is made from a recipe dating 800 years ago. With its rich a saltish texture, nutty and fruity taste as well as the specific aroma, Gouda Cheese is rivalled only by the famed Blue Cheese. Going with the crunchy crust, it has a rich texture which offers a lingering aroma of cheese in every bite. Cheese lovers should get your hands on a box right away!

Why MX Lava Quartet Mooncake?

  1. Taste the Classic Lava Custard Mooncake, along with the fragrant Lava Chocolate Mooncake and the aromatic Lava Caramel Macchiato Mooncake and topped off with the Lava Cheese Taste the Classic Lava Custard Mooncake, along with the fragrant Lava Chocolate Mooncake and the aromatic Lava Caramel Macchiato Mooncake and topped off with the Lava Cheese;
  2. MX's staple lava custard technique presents a delectable and unique experience for each mooncake variety;
  3. Present this unique treat in brand new packaging fitting for its contents, and add a bespoke bag as a complementary accessory to elevate the gifting presentation to loved ones;
  4. 8 pcs/box, approx. 45g/pc.

MX Lava Quartet Mooncake Specifications:


Hong Kong MX

Country of Origin

Hong Kong


8 Pcs


45 g Each


332 x 170 x 61 mm


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