Mandarins 3 lb

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Mandarins 3 lb
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Reviews (77)
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Oranges are very small, but they taste very sweet and positive.
Outside of the oranges didn't look so good, but inside was ok. I wished they were fresher
This orange is seriously stale, it tastes bitter and weird
I want to eat it as soon as possible, but it's quite delicious
mandy L
It's not sweet at all, it's a bit sour, it's still very dry, and it doesn't have much moisture!
The small oranges are very fresh, but not too sweet.
Such as the product description: seedless, easy to peel and delicious
Hi, I'm really disappointed with wee. The mandarins on the top of bag were nice, but the ones in bottom literally have mold or are almost rotten. Never gonna order from wee again. Thanks for the disappointment.
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3 lb

The mandarin orange, also known as the mandarin or mandarine, is a small citrus tree fruit. Treated as a distinct species of orange, it is usually eaten plain or in fruit salads. Add the picture below

Mandarins, 1 Bag 

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