Matsutake 0.5 lb

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Weee! - Groceries Delivered
Matsutake 0.5 lb
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Special aroma, fresh and delicious! Unlimited repurchase!
Buying fresh matsutake for the first time, it is very delicious!
I bought matsutake for the first time and I was very satisfied! The meat is very firm, so I fry it in butter and add salt and pepper directly, which is very convenient.
The chicken soup is not bad, it tastes very fragrant and very special.
xin cai
This matsutake is really fresh and awesome! ! Buy one part and fry it with beef and sprinkle with some salt. The other part is used to make Matsutake and Pork Belly Chicken Soup. The pork belly is also bought from Weee
It’s the first time to buy matsutake online. I don’t need to go to a Japanese supermarket to buy it. I used a slice of butter to fry the matsutake and diced carrots. Then I poured it on the rice to be cooked and added a few slices of matsutake. Cover the rice pot. During the cooking process, the scent of matsutake goes straight to the whole house. The next time the price is reduced, another order must be placed!
I won’t buy this product again. A lot of soil and sand have not been cleaned, and the whole pile of cavities stuck in the sand can’t be cleaned out. It was finally cleaned up. After eating, I found that there was still a pile of sand. I really couldn’t eat it. mouth
I just received it, a bit sticky, not sure if it is fresh
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