Meiji Hello Panda Cookies, Chocolate Filling 9.1 oz

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Meiji Hello Panda Cookies, Chocolate Filling 9.1 oz
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Reviews (43)
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Children’s favorite snacks, 10 bags of individual small packages, easy to carry, and often repurchase.
A long time favorite in my home- the kids were excited when I surprised them with this treat!
Cute little snack
Delicious, love the individual packs. Great for traveling and kids
The package has been opened and the biscuits are soft
I have always liked panda chocolate biscuits. It’s rare to wait until there is a discount and immediately sweep away two boxes It’s just that the staff in charge of packaging is in a bad mood...? Obviously it was thrown in randomly, and the heavier drink was not placed at the bottom, which caused the boxes under the drink to be squashed...I hope the biscuits inside are all right... As soon as I opened it, I saw that several drinks were placed upside down.
I often see it in Meiji Panda America. A taste similar to that that I think was similar to Disney characters in the past. for children? A small amount is put in a small bag and it is not damp or convenient.
Convenient box with small bags within, our family likes these a lot
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United States
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9.1 oz
Milk, Wheat (Gluten), Soy. May contain traces of Eggs.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, chocolate cream, white sugar, vegetable oil, sulfite, antioxidant, edible salt, malt extract, caramel color, and chocolate flavor.

Allergens: Milk, soy, wheat. May contain eggs.

Think of the children. Think of your inner child. These crunchy little panda cookies are filled with a scrumptious chocolate cream. If you know, you know. Even with this big box, they'll be gone in a day--but what a wonderful day it will be.


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