Melogold Grapefruit 5 count

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Melogold Grapefruit 5 count
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Reviews (147)
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Third batch - should be good
Emily Tong
Very big golden will repurchase
Very fragrant, juicy and sweet. But the skin is thick and small, about the same as an orange. So it is more difficult to peel the skin inside the grapefruit.
I bought it many times, it was very sweet, and I ate it with clear fire
Sweet and juicy platinum pomelo, super!
Very fresh, juicy and slightly bitter, the kids in the family love it.
It's very convenient to eat one every time, and it's quite sweet
Although small, it is very juicy, sweet and sour, with a little bit of grapefruit bitterness in the sour. not bad.
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United States
Unit Qty:
5 count

The largest of all grapefruit varieties, Pomelos are sweet, tangy, and can often be used as an ingredient for salads or marmalades. Known for its pink flesh and green rind, pomelos are a seasonal favorite amongst many!

  • Pleasantly sweet, crisp texture
  • Great source of fiber and potassium
  • Low in sodium and cholesterol-free


Melogold Grapefruit

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