Mini Watermelon 1 count

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Mini Watermelon 1 count
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The size is just right, delicious will be repurchased
I bought two of them. The size is very different. Obviously, it was intentional. I didn't send out such mini ones when I bought them individually. It was too much.
As always delicious and sweet
The skin is a bit thicker, crisper than Costco's large watermelon, but not as sweet
This watermelon is smaller than I thought - it’s about the size of my hand but I’m looking forward to eating it.
This small watermelon has a small amount of seeds, but it is very sweet, the skin is thin, juicy and crisp, and there is a little sand, which is very good
Kitty Lin
Have not eat yet. But it looks a bit ugly. Hope it is delicious
Delicious! We love it!
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United States
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1 count

When we say mini, we mean mini. We all love watermelons for their sugary taste and marvelous texture--this mini one is no different. Hold a sliced half in your hand and scoop away. Make snack time the best time of the day for everyone.

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