Miyazaki Wagyu A5 Ribeye Steak 16 oz

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Miyazaki Wagyu A5 Ribeye Steak 16 oz
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Reviews (31)
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Ordinary, not special about eating wagyu.
Jo C
It is used to celebrate the birthday of the family, a family of eight, each with a small amount, eat less and eat more. Has been repurchased many times.
This piece of meat is ok, the price is definitely good, but good or bad depends on luck, some will have too much fat.
It is far from the photo in the advertisement, and the corners are too fat. The entrance is really good, but I get tired after a few bites
As you can see, the piece looks nothing like the picture. Look at the amount of fat on the piece, it's at least 30% that I will need to trim off. Very disappointed.
There is too much fat, remove the white fat, and no one dares to eat it after frying. How does it feel that it is different from the A5 grade sold by Costco
Lisa Lee
Good luck is needed when buying fruits, vegetables and meat at weee. This wagyu was disappointed by 10 points this time, and there was too much fat.
Although I bought it at a reduced price, this piece of fat oil shouldn’t be cheap anymore, it’s not cheap.
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Unit Qty:
16 oz
Miyazaki. Kobe

Miyazaki Wagyu A5 Ribeye Steak

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