Morinaga Pancake Mix 600 g

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Morinaga Pancake Mix 600 g
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Reviews (45)
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BiLly Ma?
So convenient and delicious! One bag at a time can be enough for two children + one adult
I accidentally put too much water, the batter is a bit too thin, but it is better than convenience.
Packed in four sachets, each pack produces about 5 muffins. The sweetness is moderate. Compared with other brands of muffin flour, Morinaga's is more delicate and easy to blend.
Looks good, as long as you add milk and eggs, you can hope it tastes good
quite a big bag. so excited to try.
It's a big portion, one pack has two small packs. It should be easy to cook
Small packages individually packaged can be bought in Wee without going out.
Cybil Xu
Use two bags of muffin powder, add an egg, and add a little milk and sugar to make a very good cake. It is soft and delicious! One packet of flour made two cakes, and they were all wiped out every time.
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600 g
Morinaga Pancake Mix

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