Myojo Ippei-chan Yakisoba Noodles 134 g

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Myojo Ippei-chan Yakisoba Noodles 134 g
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Reviews (165)
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Frying an egg is a simple supper.
I like to add a little more mayonnaise to make it more delicious.
It tasted exactly the same as Ippei-chan in Japan. I ate it for the first time since I came to America. I was impressed by my favorite cup yakisoba after a long time 😭✨
This is really good highly recommend!
Classic taste, convenient and fast.
This one square is delicious~~~~
The repurchased yakisoba is super convenient to make
It’s just right for breakfast. In the morning, I don’t like sweet food. I like salty food to make it comfortable.
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134 g


  • Noodles: wheat flour, palm oil, salt, hydrolyzed protein (sadine, bonito, tuna), soy sauce (water, soybean, wheat, salt), calcium carbonate, sugar, monosodium glutamate, caramel color, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, pectin, sodium metaphosphate, tocopherol, sodium tripolyphosphate.
  • Sauce: worcester sauce (vinegar, sugar, tomato, onion, mushroom, apple, salt, garlic, hydrolyzed soybean protein, water), sugar, vegetable oil (rapeseed, rice, soybean), high fructose syrup, hydrolyzed protein (soybeans, bonito, sardine, tuna, corn), caramel color, salt, yeast extract, natural and artificial flavor, monosodium glutamate, scallop extract, disodium inosinate, vinegar, garlic.
  • Mustard mayonnaise: vegetable oil (rapeseed, soybean), egg yolk, water, vinegar, salt, sugar, mustard, monosodium glutamate.
  • Dried vegetable: cabbage (cabbage and lactose), magnesium carbonate.
  • Seasoning: dried worcester sauce (modified potato starch, caramel color, pepper, salt, worcester sauce, tomato), dried seaweed, pepper.

Allergens: contains soy, wheat, fish, milk, and egg.


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