Myojo Ramen, Premium Garlic Miso 10.86 oz

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Myojo Ramen, Premium Garlic Miso 10.86 oz
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Just arrived in time for dinner. Will be perfect with soft boil egg
Tina Van
I added spinach, soy chicken and marinated boiled egg. SO GOOD! I cooked the noodles for 2 minutes which gave it a good bite, but the noodles do soften while you eat. This is better than the ichiron boxes, in my opinion. Tasted almost as good as ramen shops in Japan. The thickness of the broth felt very Japan.
It's delicious...repurchase again
mandy L
I think the soup is a bit salty, but overall it's ok!
Rina 理奈
I bought this flavor for the first time, but it is not my favorite.
Chia-Ying Wu
I really like this commercial pull bread. The noodles are fresh and delicious. Although it's a bit expensive, but occasionally buy it with self-made barbecued pork, it really tastes like an outside restaurant!
Added green beans, corn, chicken chop, and chopped green onion. Very delicious! You can add char siu if possible
Delicious ramen super convenient lunch for two
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United States
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10.86 oz