Nature's Soy Black Sesame Soymilk 64 oz

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Nature's Soy Black Sesame Soymilk 64 oz
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Reviews (35)
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Pour it out like cement water hhh but it's delicious! recommend!
Delivered on September 28, this black sesame soy milk will expire on September 15. After a bite, it was awful and a bit disgusting. I don't understand why the expired items were sent. This is my first order on Weee!'s website and I am really disappointed to receive such quality food. The customer service has refunded.
It's delicious, soy milk that I buy often.
Good soy milk, I buy it often.
Be mindful of the date when receiving it. Delivery date was 9/22 but received 9/15 expiration. It was so thick and sour when opened. So sad. Wanted to try this. Weee customer service is good and refunded quickly.
The expiration date is so vague, oh oh oh oh
The soy milk received today on 9/15 will expire on 9/27. I had to quickly open it and drink it. I haven't bought it before, just want to try different flavors. There is no sesame flavor or soy flavor. A mouthful is full of sweetness. I looked at the nutrients and the sugar content is quite high! Will not repurchase
Although it was on the verge of expiration (I really didn’t expect it, I didn’t buy it after a week or two, waiting for him to empty it out, but I was still recruited...) But it tastes good, sweet, slightly mellow, I know it’s the result of additives But that’s it, it’s delicious~
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United States
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64 oz

Nature's Soy Black Sesame Soymilk