Navel Orange Bag 4.8-5.2 lb

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Navel Orange Bag 4.8-5.2 lb
Chile imported, New Crop
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Reviews (181)
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I have never tasted such a terrible orange in California. It is not sweet and tastes bad at all. Doesn't California produce oranges? Such unpalatable variety should be sold to the company to make orange juice, right?
The skin is too thick... I should not buy it again
Not sweet, not much water. I left it for a long time before eating one
There are nine oranges in total, which are full of moisture and sweetness.
Much sweeter than Double Happiness. There is also a lot of water. Just a little thicker!
The oranges are fresh and the juice is full and sweet
It looks not small but the skin is too thick. After dialing, only a small one is left. The product name is a bit misleading. This orange is not sweet at all. It is delicious without double happiness.
lisa 
It looks good, fresh, and delicious
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Unit Qty:
4.8-5.2 lb

When a navel orange is peeled, there is a partially formed, undeveloped conjoined “twin” fruit on the blossom end. From the outside, the blossom end looks like a human navel. Navel oranges are seedless, and the flesh is naturally very sweet and juicy.


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