New American Brown Rooster 4-4.5 lb

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New American Brown Rooster 4-4.5 lb
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Reviews (5)
Marinate overnight with salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce, wine, green onions, and ginger, and cook in a rice cooker. The chicken has a delicate texture.
I thought he was a raw chicken, but he was actually a capon
Buy when the price is super low. It's bigger than yellow chicken and royal chicken.
There is an ice bag inside, and the packaging is very serious and responsible👍
Take a close look at the cock, who is older and older than the three yellow chickens. It is estimated that the soup or stew will be better.
United States
Unit Qty:
4-4.5 lb

Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated or frozen.​

Forget chicken. Check out our Brown Rooster. Known to have a little tougher meat, its exceptional flavor makes it a surprising holiday go-to meal. Traditionally, in Chinese folk stories, the rooster chases ghosts away. So why not have a uniquely tasty meal and chase all the ghosts away in one go. It's a win-win.

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