New American Frozen Royal Chicken 3-3.5 lb

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New American Frozen Royal Chicken 3-3.5 lb
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The meat is fresh and delicious, often bought
Shu LanYeh
Hainanese chicken is very delicious, and it can be regarded as an American chicken that smells like chicken and is not smelly. It has less sebum but thick and elastic. It can be said to be very satisfying except that the body is too small!
The chicken soup with yam and fungus is quite fragrant.
A regular product at home, the stew tastes good
r r ma
It’s very enjoyable to bring the braised braised, just to chop it yourself
Hello, raw and cooked food should not be packaged and delivered together.
It has been repurchased many times, and it is relatively fresh.
Not bad at all!
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United States
Unit Qty:
3-3.5 lb

Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated or frozen.

Tastes better than chicken. Tastes like Royal Chicken. Farmed in a free-range environment, the Kui Fei chicken is known for its plumpness. Make the popular dish "Empress Chicken" after a beautiful concubine known as "Drunken Beauty" and impress your guests. A chicken that makes a beautiful meal with historical undertones? Get out of here. And take the chicken with you.

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