New American Frozen Royal Chicken 3-3.5 lb

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New American Frozen Royal Chicken 3-3.5 lb
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Reviews (173)
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Made the grilled salt-baked chicken! very nice! Chicken is delicious! The meat is tender and juicy! Will repurchase!
I ordered the imperial concubine chicken, but sent a three-yellow chicken male with strong muscles like a big guy🧐, can someone tell me they are the same breed?
Bought many times already
I bought the frozen Royal Concubine Chicken. After it was melted, the chicken was very clean. Half made the yam lotus root soup, which was very sweet, and half made the curry samosa. It was delicious and rich, and it tasted like chicken. I will return. purchase.
✨ Alina ✨
This chicken is just so fat and stewed
This time I bought 2 more to eat hot pot, delicious nnnnnnn
Boiled chicken is delicious, although not as good as fresh chicken, but it is also quite delicious
It’s the first time I bought the concubine chicken here. I don’t know if it’s delicious.
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United States
Unit Qty:
3-3.5 lb

Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated or frozen.

Tastes better than chicken. Tastes like Royal Chicken. Farmed in a free-range environment, the Kui Fei chicken is known for its plumpness. Make the popular dish "Empress Chicken" after a beautiful concubine known as "Drunken Beauty" and impress your guests. A chicken that makes a beautiful meal with historical undertones? Get out of here. And take the chicken with you.

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