NoBrand Instant Rice 210g x 12 ct 1 case

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NoBrand Instant Rice 210g x 12 ct 1 case
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Reviews (9)
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It tastes really good, and the condition is very nice. I will buy again!
I just bought it with beef, so it’s easy to eat and delicious.
I like it because it's comfortable.
I am comfortable using it anytime.
It can be heated by microwave, and the taste is not bad. It is convenient when there is no time to cook.
There are twelve in a big box, you can help if you need it, convenient
A small bowl, but very convenient. I have bought three boxes 😜
Tastes alright, has a weird smell. Kind of musty when cooked. But doesn’t taste bad. I think it’s the plastic container that gives the smell. It was really strange that I didn’t have to add water to cook it. I accidentally opened it before cooking and it felt almost like the texture of Polly pocket shoes. Overall for just under two minutes it’s not a bad option. Plus when eating with other things it tastes completely fine.
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South Korea
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1 case