Orange Swiss Roll Milk 6.45 oz

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Orange Swiss Roll Milk 6.45 oz
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Reviews (293)
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This brand of cake is delicious, very delicate and very soft!
Carl Zhang
The whipped cream roll is partially squashed, and the taste is ok, right?
Plant cream, take a detour, brothers and sisters who mind! You get tired after one bite, and one at a time is the most! But the advantage is that freezing can be stored for a long time, and keep fit partners don’t have to worry because they really can’t eat too much! A breakfast that can only be finished with black coffee without milk and sugar!
Children don’t like this cake, but I like it myself
It's deformed, but it doesn't affect eating. The cake is very soft and the cream part is very sweet
It's delicious, not too sweet. My kids like it very much and I've been repurchasing it all the time. . . .
This cream roll is the rhythm of being eaten up by family members two meals after opening. I have repurchased it many times.
Unlimited repurchase, high quality and delicious
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Unit Qty:
6.45 oz

Ingredients: Egg, water, whipped cream (hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm kernel, palm oil, coconut oil), buttermilk, concentrated whey protein powder, whey powder, dextrin, milk protein), emulsifier (soy lecithin, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, sucrose esters of fatty acids, mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, glycerol), whey salt, artificial flavor, guar gum, xanthan gum, wheat flour, sugar, milk, modified fat (rapeseed oil, propylene glycol esters of fatty acids, mono-and diclycerides of fatty acids, soy lecithin), trehalose, glucose syrup (corn, potato, sweet potato, tapioca), sweetened egg yolk (egg, sugar), lemon juice (concentrated lemon juice, water, natural flavor), liqueur (brandy, ethyl alcohol, sugar), baking mix (acetylated distarch adipate, cornstarch, sugar, color (riboflavin, beta-carotene)), salt, modified starch (glutinous rice starch, agar-agar), palm oil, egg-yolk, and natural flavor.

Allergens: Egg, milk, tree nuts (coconut), soybeans, wheat.

A fluffy Japanese cake with rich milk cream filling. Pre-cut and ready to be served. With a delicate amount of sweetness, you'll be licking the plate. Quietly.


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