Organic Mini Watermelon 1 count

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Organic Mini Watermelon 1 count
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Reviews (13)
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Very mini watermelon but tastes very sweet
It's too unpalatable, not only not sweet, but also sour and salty! Did you make a mistake? organic? The two ordinary small watermelons I bought before are sweet, crunchy and delicious.
Small but sweet
Very sweet, red and just slightly "sandy." Thin rind. Enjoyed it very much. Definitely a future repurchase!
I'm so disappointed. It's not crispy at all, and it has a strange taste. May be over-familiar
Not sweet and soft, I hope it will be better next time
Cybil Xu
The watermelon rind is thin and juicy, especially sweet and delicious!
Repurchased for the second time, super sweet. Although it is really mini, organic fruits and vegetables are more expensive and will continue to repurchase!
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United States
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1 count

All the good things you’re used to from our PureHeart®-line, plus: Certified Organic.

Mini, seedless, gorgeous bright red color, hand-picked fresh off the vine, these are a rich source of Vitamins A and C, Lycopene, and Potassium.

Good for you and good for your heart, these watermelons are sure to leave you wanting more (of a good thing).

AVAILABILITY: February – November