Organic Town Pearl Barley 2 lb

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Organic Town Pearl Barley 2 lb
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Reviews (31)
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Organic barley is clean and well-proportioned, soaked in water at night, and milk and fruit are added for breakfast. It is very chewy, praise!
It’s a bargain when you buy it at a special price. A large pack can last for a long time. The quality is very good.
Two bags of barley are repurchased at the special price. The quality of barley is very good. I have already bought 8 bags.
I bought organic barley and it arrived today. Although it is a discounted item, it is valid until 2024. I used to buy them in supermarkets and used them to cook porridge and soup. Now I am very happy to get them on Weee. Good value for money, I will buy it often.
If you know that there are several kinds of barley, this type is barley seed, not barley seed, and the food effect is completely different.
Fresh and ripe, quality guaranteed, buy a few more packages at half price.
Vacuum packed and long expiry date. Cannot wait to put it in soups and porridge.
I bought it at a special price, but some barley looks grayish, I hope it's not moldy. 2024 expires.
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2 lb

Organic Town Pearl Barley 

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