Orihiro Muscat and Orange Konjac Jelly 12 pc 1 each

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Orihiro Muscat and Orange Konjac Jelly 12 pc 1 each
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Reviews (37)
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It's delicious, no other brands are as delicious! I only remembered to take pictures until I had only one left
Best konjac jelly. N times repurchase. 🥰
It's delicious. My son and I like it. I didn't know the specific size before I bought it. I took a photo for your reference. There are 12 small jellies like this, 6 grapes and 6 oranges.
The jelly is delicious, the child likes it very much and will repurchase it
Orihiro’s jelly is an essential low-calorie snack at my table. It is said that this brand of jelly is also very hot in Japan. The baby also likes it. The price of weee is very good, and various flavors are being repurchased. I like Kyoho grapes, green grapes, oranges and tangerines the most.
Miriam T.
As soon as I received it, I opened it to eat. The memory point is not very deep.
BEST jelly treats! I love the textures. Unlike American Jell-O, these Japanese jelly are firm and requires extra chewing. So addicting. Highly recommend!
Kid’s snack~ good
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Unit Qty:
1 each

Comes with 12 individual pieces.

Ingredients list: liquid fructose and grape juice, sugar, fruit juice, reducing sugar, konjac powder, sour agent, gelling agent, flavor, potassium chloride, sweetener

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Konjac is a natural plant, healthy and nutritious, low in calories, and contains a lot of water. This jelly made with konjac is rich in fruit flavor, chewy and chewy, and the mouth melts softly. The conveniently tearing port can be opened by gently tearing along the dotted line.


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