Orri Jaffa Mandarin Tangerines 2.8-3.2 lb

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Orri Jaffa Mandarin Tangerines 2.8-3.2 lb
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Reviews (76)
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Ashley Chang⭐
This time I arrived with oranges with different labels (previously green stickers). I was worried about whether it was different. After eating one, I found the same sweet and juicy.
It’s sweet enough, but it’s too expensive...
This tangerine very plump, very juicy and sweet. Love to eat. Definitely will repurchase.
Fresh, sweet, delicious, will repurchase
It's quite big, but the taste is far worse than the other smaller oranges. It’s not sweet or sour, has no taste, and has little moisture.
Mochi Mochi
A little dry on the skin but mostly juicy inside. One seed.
Very sweet and fresh
Giant Sequoia
It's very sweet and delicious, not sour at all, and the skin is loose.
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Unit Qty:
2.8-3.2 lb

Plump, easy- peeling, super sweet, and very juicy. What more do you want in a fruit? Sit down and take a well-deserved break with these mandarins.