Pasco Shikishima Choujuku Shokupan Sliced White Bread 374 g

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Pasco Shikishima Choujuku Shokupan Sliced White Bread 374 g
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Chi Chi
The bread was squashed and deformed when I received it...Although it is not uneatable, it feels much worse. Really not worth the price
I used to go to the supermarket every week in Japan to buy super ripe, cheap and delicious! Unexpectedly, the bread that Nissan didn’t buy here was flopped by weee! I bought thick cuts at Weee before, but I have to buy them to remember them if they are super ripe~
Very good toast, thick and soft, good for breakfast
The bread is very soft and will continue to repurchase
Avocado + Ham + Liquid Egg + Toast
It's a bit expensive, but it's worth a try. Put a poached egg in the morning, one slice is enough.
This super-cooked sliced bread is really soft and cooked, and it doesn’t have too many chemicals. It’s a little bit qq and elastic! If you want to be healthy, you don’t need to put anything, it’s amazing to eat a slice!! Of course, if you are not full enough, you can serve it with fried eggs! Awesome breakfast!!
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Unit Qty:
374 g
Milk, Wheat (Gluten).

Pasco Shikishima Choujuku Shokupan Sliced White Bread