Peony Kyoho Grapes 3 lb

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Peony Kyoho Grapes 3 lb
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The grapes are okay, but they don’t taste like Kyoho at all
It’s not very fresh, maybe it’s the end of the season, but you can’t see the real thing in online shopping, or ask the merchant to grasp the quality.
The last time I bought it was very sweet, so I repurchased it. This time the grains are full, but the sweetness is much worse.
The grapes are so fresh and sweet, but the skin is a bit astringent
Phoebe Wang?
This time the grapes are not Kyoho, without the fragrance of Kyoho, and the taste is different. If you like Kyoho, don’t buy this one.
Very sweet. I can’t tell the difference between Smile and Kyoho.
Fresh, sweet, and juicy.👍👍👍
The skin is wrinkled, soft and not fresh
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United States
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3 lb



Sweeter than most, these unique grapes display an exceptional depth of Concord flavor, intermingled with deeper Muscat-like notes and a subtle finish. This natural combination of flavors and sweetness gives the Peony® table grape a rare and wonderfully smooth taste.

Sweet... off the charts!

Harvested locally in Fresno, California and here for a limited time.

See for yourself why Peony grapes are our #1 best-selling summer fruit year after year.


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