Persian Cucumbers 1.95-2.05 lb

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Persian Cucumbers 1.95-2.05 lb
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Reviews (1991)
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After eating a few times, I thought of coming to post the order
This small cucumber is very fragrant and can be eaten directly
?KIKI LaLa ?
Repurchase often, very fresh! !
It is convenient and delicious to shoot cucumbers, and I have been repurchasing
Persian cucumber fresh and delicious
Rina 理奈
Very fresh and delicious. Repurchase and repurchase.
Make it into a big bottle of pickled cucumbers, and I don't think I want to post it until I finish eating it
I haven’t opened it yet, but it looks ok
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1.95-2.05 lb

Persian cucumbers have thin skin and are crisp and fragrant, making them a suitable raw food enjoyed by many people around the world. Add to your favorite salads, spicy tofu soups, and stir fry dishes for a refreshing flavor. 


Tips on how to store Persian Cucumbers:

Tip 1: Put the cucumbers neatly in the vegetable basket, and then put the vegetable basket in a ventilated and cool place. This method can keep the cucumbers fresh for about a week.

Tip 2: Put a small amount of salt in a basin of cold water, and then soak the cucumber in the water. In this way, the cucumber can be kept fresh for half a month.

Tip 3: Wrap the cucumbers in plastic wrap or a plastic bag. Don't tie the bag tightly, put it in a cool place indoors. In this way, cucumbers can be stored for about a week in summer, and about half a month in autumn and winter.


Persian Cucumbers