Persian Cucumbers 1.95-2.05 lb

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Persian Cucumbers 1.95-2.05 lb
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Cecil Shan
Just slice and fry a few times, it's very tender and refreshing
Not very fresh, ok to peel
Arrived last night, today I ate 2 ⃣️ bars, fresh and refreshing like
Rina 理奈
The fixed team of the refrigerator. Used to make salads
Rina 理奈
It's very enjoyable to dip it with salad dressing
Cut into pieces and put them in a spicy fragrant pot for the finishing touch.
The brand I received this time is different from before, but the same crisp and crisp
A bag of small cucumbers, used to make pat cucumbers
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Unit Qty:
1.95-2.05 lb

Persian cucumbers have thin skin and are crisp and fragrant, making them a suitable raw food enjoyed by many people around the world. Add to your favorite salads, spicy tofu soups, and stir fry dishes for a refreshing flavor. 


Tips on how to store Persian Cucumbers:

Tip 1: Put the cucumbers neatly in the vegetable basket, and then put the vegetable basket in a ventilated and cool place. This method can keep the cucumbers fresh for about a week.

Tip 2: Put a small amount of salt in a basin of cold water, and then soak the cucumber in the water. In this way, the cucumber can be kept fresh for half a month.

Tip 3: Wrap the cucumbers in plastic wrap or a plastic bag. Don't tie the bag tightly, put it in a cool place indoors. In this way, cucumbers can be stored for about a week in summer, and about half a month in autumn and winter.


Persian Cucumbers