Persian Cucumbers 1.95-2.05 lb

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Persian Cucumbers 1.95-2.05 lb
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The freshness this time can't do the first two times, it's all mucus, it's all luck
Fresh, good quality, and consistent size this time. Not wet/ slimy peel.
Jenny 旭芝~耶穌愛你
In addition to serving this as a salad, it’s also very good to make cold cucumbers, especially in summer.
Cucumbers bought to make cold dishes are very fresh
I will repurchase every time I buy food, it’s delicious
It’s hot now, so be careful when buying vegetables on Weee
Rina 理奈
It’s okay, it’s a bit soft inside, and it may not last too long.
Fortunately, it's not in bulk this time! I like to make salads with fresh crispy cucumbers, avocados and other fruits
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Unit Qty:
1.95-2.05 lb

Persian Cucumbers Specifications:

Brand Name

Persian Cucumber

Brand Origin


Net Content

1.95-2.05 lb

Persian Cucumbers Description:

Persian cucumbers have a thin skin, crisp and fragrant, very suitable for raw food so they are very popular among people around the world. At Weee, we provide customers with high-quality Persian Cucumbers at a very competitive price.

Tips on how to store Persian Cucumbers

Tip 1: Put the cucumbers neatly in the vegetable basket, and then put the vegetable basket in a ventilated and cool place. This method can keep the cucumbers fresh for about a week.

Tip 2: Put a small amount of salt in a basin of cold water, and then soak the cucumber in the water. In this way, the cucumber can be kept fresh for half a month.

Tip 3: Wrap the cucumbers in plastic wrap or a plastic bag. Don't tie the bag tightly, put it in a cool place indoors. In this way, cucumbers can be stored for about a week in summer, and about half a month in autumn and winter.


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