Pig Feet, Frozen 10 lb

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Pig Feet, Frozen 10 lb
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Reviews (263)
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The size of a large package is also suitable
I burned half of the pig's knuckles at a time. The taste is very strong when blanched. After washing it, add green onion, ginger, star anise and other braised sauce, and add spicy hot pot base. Unexpectedly, the taste is good, and the stench is gone. Spicy pig's knuckle is very enjoyable. .
The 10lbs front pork feet I bought last week are very beautiful and only a few have a little hairy. I made this pot with marinated eggs and it was delicious. This week, I stocked another pack at the special price!
Refreshing and clean, bleached in water and then boiled and boiled the gum has a good texture.
I don’t know why there are so many pig toes this time
Boiled pork knuckles with ginger is best. Dirty pig toes
The color seems a bit dark, I hope the quality has not changed. I bought it a few times before.
Such a big box. Divided into 7 parts. Family loves to eat
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United States
Unit Qty:
10 lb

Ingredients: Pig feet.

Storage conditions: Keep frozen.

Pig feet. That’s right. Genuine pig feet. Stay with me here. High-quality pork, clean, and finely cut. The tender meat and sticky skin is perfect in a stew, soup, or noodles. When cooked, it’s exquisite. Dare I say, beautiful.


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