Pork Brisket Bones 4 lb

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Pork Brisket Bones 4 lb
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Reviews (48)
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Angel Wong
This pig cartilage is good, it's really meaty and bought at a special price.
Jingru Huang
It’s not that I’m so lucky every time. When I bought it for the first time, I said three pieces. So the pork cartilage cut out is the same size as Ajisen Ramen. This time it’s very small. But it's not bad. I bought 3 copies back!
One serving has three pork ribs, so it's full! The braised pork ribs are delicious!
Used for salted pork bone porridge, Korean pork bone soup
3 Large pieces of pork cartilage, the only drawback is that two pieces have a long spine part, which almost cut my knife... But I made the Japanese-style pork cartilage that I thought was so delicious. 😋
This time, I used pork cartilage for the whole Bak Kut Teh, which is smooth, smooth and meaty, super positive👍🏼
Eli Cha
Came frozen
Japanese style spare ribs. Very tender and delicious
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United States
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4 lb

Pork Brisket Bones


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