Pork Ribs, Frozen 3 lb

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Pork Ribs, Frozen 3 lb
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Kelly 2
How much fat is there this time, I cut away a lot of fat, it’s a lot of fat
Braised pork ribs with eryngii mushrooms, the meat is soft and tender, and children love it very much. Be included in the repurchase list. Big push 👍
This three-pound pork chop is much more expensive than the previous one, and the satisfaction score is 80. After cutting it, soak it for several hours to wash off the blood. Soy flour, salt, sugar, and oil are cooked for a day, and the steamed taste is good. 👍
I bought it for the first time, there was a lot of blood, so I won’t repurchase
For the first time, I bought it just delivered, now it is defrosted, and it will be cooked tomorrow. If you eat good food, you will continue to buy it back!
Braised pork ribs with zucchini, the ribs are very tender, not too fat, just right.
I want to learn how to make Zhenjiang ribs. I don't know if it is okay to use this ribs.
Spiced small ribs. I have repurchased it for the second time. Only ribs, moderate fat and thin, very good taste😋
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United States
Unit Qty:
3 lb

Storage conditions: Keep frozen.

Fall-off-the bone, melt-in-your mouth pork ribs. Grill or cook them in a stew. Slather them in a rich adobo sauce for some Mexican-style goodness. Three pounds is enough to get you started.

*may deliver randomly by Meatco, Grandfood and Pacific 

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