Premium Selection Berkshire Ground Pork, Frozen 1 lb

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Premium Selection Berkshire Ground Pork, Frozen 1 lb
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Miu Ting
This brand of black pork minced meat is often bought! The quality is very good!
Delicious and convenient! Made potstickers with it, and the rest I made meatballs for noodle soup!
Use a stand mixer to make bouncy meatballs and cook the meatball porridge very fresh.
I have bought it many times, and I am just right fat and thin. Making dumplings very fragrant
The black pork dumplings with ground pork and fried dumplings are so delicious, the whole family loves it!
This time the leeks are so fresh, made into fried dumplings and dumplings 🥟, the whole family eats so satisfying!
The repurchase has been used to wrap wontons many times, and the pork sauce is a little lighter than the pork bought by trader joes
I added ground pork to make loco moco. I always this brand of pork.
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United States
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1 lb

Premium Selection Berkshire Ground Pork is very delicious and deeply loved by many people across the world. Kurobuta, or "black pig," is a breed from the Japanese program for pure-bred Berkshire pigs. Berkshire pigs are fed a healthy feeding regiment designed for marbling and juiciness so try using this premium ground pork the next time in your recipes for added flavor.



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