Preserved Duck Eggs 4pc 1 box

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Preserved Duck Eggs 4pc 1 box
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Reviews (197)
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Luisa Lu
This one is much bigger than other brands before!
Repurchase the product, the Q bomb is delicious, tastes good and does not smell.
Very happy with pei don and chicken congee. Really hit the spot.
I think this preserved egg has a weird taste, but the porridge is still delicious!
Big push, buy more boxes next time at special price.
Each one is vacuum packed and the head is bigger than the other
winnie wang
Vacuum-packed preserved eggs with fresh taste will be repurchased.
Bought at a discount. Make preserved eggs with cold dressing, hope it's delicious
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Unit Qty:
1 box

Thousand-year eggs. No, it did not take a thousand years to make them. In Chinese, these "pi dan", or preserved duck eggs, are covered in a mixture for weeks to months that raises their pH and turns up the flavors. You get this haunting dark egg. Rich in flavor, it generally goes in porridge or salads. What do you fear? This may be your new favorite beer snack.

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