Preserved Vegetable Spicy 80 g

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Preserved Vegetable Spicy 80 g
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Reviews (43)
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Di Zhang
Breakfast is necessary, but always out of stock
This time I bought the rice ball, the brand of Peiling mustard is very good and delicious
Bought mustard mustard many times, it's cheap and delicious
This brand of mustard tuber is the most delicious, with pork belly cut into shredded pork, and green and red peppers added to enhance the color 👍👍👍
This kind of mustard has a good taste, and it goes well with rice porridge.
I bought it because I wanted to eat Zha cai! was delicious!
It was spicier and saltier than soy sauce and had a stronger black pepper taste. I think it's good to save and eat.
I had these with some rice, lentils and beans before putting them in the dish shown below. The taste is very interesting. I don't hate it or love it. It's somewhere in between. I might buy these again when I'm feeling like I need something different.
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80 g
Wheat (Gluten). May contain traces of Peanuts.

Mustard tuber ranks first in the world's three famous pickles (namely, Fuling mustard, French pickles, German sweet and sour cabbage).

Pickled mustard tuber has a special sour and salty taste, crisp and refreshing, and can be used with stir-fry and soup.

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