Puregold Lato Sea Grapes 230 g

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Puregold Lato Sea Grapes 230 g
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RHY Vicki
When eaten alone, the taste is okay, some fishy like uncooked seaweed! I think it would be better if I make a seafood salad! Will not repurchase
Guys omg these are amazing! Soak them in cold water to remove the salty taste the longer yiu soak them, blander the taste. So just enjoy cold with your favorite sushi toppings!
The popping sound is fun, but fells slimy after and is hard to swallow. Not a fan, but I had to try it at least once!
LATO is my favorite seagrapes seafood. Masarap siya isawsaw ng Suka at toyo with kamates at red na bawang.
its been years since i had these
This is so good. After 6 years finally I eat sea grapes "lato"again. I'll recommend it to my friends here in the US. Yummmmm❤
Interesting! It tripled in an instant! Very crispy like fish roe!
Did not like them at all. Had high expectations and just tastes like dirty salt water. But that’s what this product is supposed to taste like. Came in good packaged condition and everything tho. Worth buying if this is ur thing
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Unit Qty:
230 g
May contain traces of Fish, Shellfish.

Grapes can grow in the sea? Puregold Lato Sea Grapes are a delectable seaweed that closely resembles miniature grapes, yet have the texture of caviar and tastes like seaweed. Native to the Philippines and Southeast Asia, seagrapes are commonly enjoyed in seaweed salad. 


Ingredients: Seagrapes, purified water, salt. 

Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated. 


Puregold Lato Sea Grapes

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