Raw Pork Shank Nurobuda FZ 2LBS 2 lb

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Raw Pork Shank Nurobuda FZ 2LBS 2 lb
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I like this hoof very much, the meat is tender and delicious
After the stew, the meat is crispy, and the most important thing is that it doesn't have the smell that can't be removed from the hoofs bought in the supermarket. It is really worth the money.
Dried shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots! Fragrant!
Cook it in brine, it is delicious, and will continue to buy back products
The hooves are fresh and tender, but smaller. They are braised in brown sauce with the trotters. They have skin and meat.
The meat has a better taste. If you stew it in an instant pot for an hour, the bones can be removed naturally, but not the firewood.
Rumay Chen
I really like this meat that is not fat, gelatinous, skinless black pork and very fragrant. Must-buy meat when in stock
The braised trotters and braised ingredients are also bought from weee, the meat is very good!
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United States
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2 lb

*the raw frozen pork shank