Red Cherries 1.8-2.2 lb

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Red Cherries 1.8-2.2 lb
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I bought it with a spike. I thought it should be of average quality, so I made a spike. But I was surprised that it was a hundred times better than the supermarket bought, and it didn't have a bad fruit, and it was very sweet. It's great for babies!
Quite big cherries🍒 not bad!
The cherries are big and sweet, recommended
wang y x
The taste is very good and the size is big, so the discount is especially good.
I was worried that it would not taste good, but the cherries are very fresh, juicy and sweet, and they are quite large. They will definitely be repurchased. The photos are leftovers, so they may not look as good.
The cherries are not fresh, but soft
The grain is big and plump. Sweet and sour.
The freshness is better than expected, and they are quite sweet, and the kids will eat them up quickly.
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United States
Unit Qty:
1.8-2.2 lb

Row is a size measurement for cherries. The larger the row, the smaller the cherry. These delicious red cherries are "11 row" and have all the things you love about that sweet red cherry meat.