Rockit Apples 2 lb

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Rockit Apples 2 lb
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Reviews (70)
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It's surprisingly small !! I've never seen such a small apple. But the taste is sweet and delicious
Angela Pai
Very small rocket apples, very crispy, sweet and delicious
I ate a sweet, refreshing, mini apple
The apples are the tiniest ones I've ever seen! You can eat three to equal a normal one! It's sweet though!
My favorite apple is crunchy and sweet
danqin feng
This is a baby's favorite, small, not wasteful, crispy and sweet. I have to buy two packs a week, recommended
It's really too small! The quality and taste of apples are not as good as expected, some are too old, and overall they are not as good as Qinglong apples.
It's much smaller than a normal apple, but I think it's just the right size when you're hungry.
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United States
Unit Qty:
2 lb

The world-famous Rockit Apple comes in one 2 lbs. pack.

Great things come in small apples. Something like that. Rockit apples are insanely sweet and happen to be the size of a tennis ball. Put one in your pocket, and rock it all day long. 


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