Sakura Ground Pork 1 lb

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Sakura Ground Pork 1 lb
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Pork minced pork is the most convenient way to make wontons👍🏻
Love this ground meat! The meatballs are very tender and smooth. Moderate fat and thin!
Love this ground meat. Both meatballs and stir-fries are great!
The meat is fresh and tender, it is convenient and delicious for wrapping wontons
The first time I bought it, I haven't cooked it yet, it looks fresh!
??Emily Ruan??
Made wonton soup, it tastes fresh and sweet
I was going to make dumplings, but they were frozen hard when I sent them. I hope it doesn’t smell like everyone sleeps.
Make Meizhenxiang pork preserved, and realize the freedom of pork preserved! No fishy smell, delicate meat!
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United States
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1 lb

The bao game is strong with this one. Ground pork is a solid choice, FYI. You'll understand when you dig in to your pork spaghetti, pork meatbealls, and of course, pork buns. Mapo tofu with pork? Why didn't we think of that sooner?

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