Sangaria Strawberry Milk 265 ml

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Sangaria Strawberry Milk 265 ml
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Reviews (68)
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Bought it during sales! Kids love them
I've always forgotten to put it on the list, it's pink and tender, and has a fresh taste.
Delicious 🍓 milk, unlimited repurchase
My child likes this milk drink very much
I bought it at a reduced price. The taste is too artificial and there is no milky taste. I shouldn’t buy it again.
Love this milk, it is very sweet however, it is great to have it over ice or to add a little bit of your own milk to it just to lighten up the sweetness. Would recommend as long as you plan to have something to counter out that sweetness in your meal with it
Watery, lack of milk flavor, just look at the color. Too sweet, double the milk, the milk is full, not too sweet, just right.
GO GET THIS. Tastes sooo amazing. Close to Binggrae strawberry milk.
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United States
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265 ml

Ingredients: Sugar, milk, whole milk powder, strawberry juice, powdered skim milk, coconut oil, dextrin, sodium chloride/flavoring, emulsifier, vitamin C, carminic acid coloring, and sweetener (stevia).

The evening is winding down. You want something sweet, but not too sweet. This Japanese strawberry milk tea hits the spot. Crack open the beautiful can. Save the best moment for now.


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