Saturday Yellow Croaker Fillets, Frozen 1.4 lb

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Saturday Yellow Croaker Fillets, Frozen 1.4 lb
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Reviews (307)
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I dry-fried boneless yellow croaker and found that the fish had shrunk a lot, but the taste was okay
Very convenient, just add a little salt and pepper to taste, double-sided fried crisp, one bag is enough for two meals 👍🏻
I have repurchased many times, I ordered two packages and only received one package
I bought this little yellow croaker for the first time. Why are the fishes that everyone photographed are so big? My very little bite is gone
The yellow croaker has been boneless, which is very convenient. After the fly in the ointment is melted, the portion is very small. As a last resort, I added other dishes after frying again and fry it together.
The packaging is different. Change the packaging? Daily repurchase
A bag full of yellow croaker, the frozen transportation package is intact, looking forward to unpacking!
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Unit Qty:
1.4 lb

Storage conditions: Keep frozen.

Croakers are a beloved fish in Korean and Chinese cooking. This fish actually croaks, and is known for its simple and delicately flavored flesh. If you're on the quest for a good fish to fry, you've found your winning bag.


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