Savory Express Shrimp Dumplings 500 g

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Savory Express Shrimp Dumplings 500 g
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Reviews (40)
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The packaging is very good, the shrimp dumplings did not stick together when they were delivered.
Fresh and taste good! We love it and the kids love it! 😋
Five-star praise! ! The skin is super strong and tastes good, and more importantly, there is no lard! ! So the taste is very refreshing! Please ignore the broken skin, it's not the shrimp dumpling's fault! My cushion is too sticky. . . Please hurry up and replenish it!
I have eaten the best prawns besides the restaurant
Buy it for the first time, read the reviews and say it's delicious, try it out~ I hope it's delicious~
Peter YE
good to eat A pack of 20 Each filling is firm, chewy, and full of prawns I can't stop after eating And heating is very convenient As long as the electric cooker is done Will repurchase
It is delicious, the skin is moderately thick, and the stuffing is real
Call this shrimp dumpling! As a quick-frozen food, the taste is close to restaurant standards, and the price is high
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500 g

Savory Express Shrimp Dumplings