Steamed Scallion Twisted Buns, Frozen 300 g

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Steamed Scallion Twisted Buns, Frozen 300 g
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Among the frozen noodles sold by weee, I think Sanquan’s price-performance ratio is better, and I hope to buy 40 large packages.
As a frozen pastry, you can give it a hundred points, and the texture and taste are similar to that of the freshly made, and it has been repurchased many times.
not bad! Personally like it, soy milk for breakfast
It’s very convenient. It can be steamed directly without defrosting. The disadvantage is that there is no padding paper. I bought other brands and each has padding paper that will not stick to the bottom of the pot.
MaryAnn Liu
Sanquan is a big brand, so you can rest assured! quality assurance!
I received the fresh-keeping bag and the packaging is very good, and it will be repurchased without damage.
Soft small buns, good for easy breakfast
delicious! Really will have scallions
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Unit Qty:
300 g
Wheat (Gluten).

Steamed Scallion Twisted Buns, Frozen