Shaanxi Cold Noodles, Spicy Flavor 168 g

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Shaanxi Cold Noodles, Spicy Flavor 168 g
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Reviews (28)
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The portion is relatively small but the taste is okay
Enough to try two packs, it is acceptable. It is different from the hand-rolled dough. 😀
Add your own ingredients and keep eating this brand
Li Yu Bing
The taste is authentic, except that the quantity is too small, and there is nothing wrong with it. If you are greedy, you will be repurchased at the special price.
I have repurchased it several times, and the spicy one is better than the slightly spicy one.
Good chewy texture, and noodles curl inwards on one side, possibly to hold more sauce. Flavor is barely spicy, though, and I had to add in my own chili oil and gochugaru. Maybe it got a little watered down from the "salt water" packet that came inside - I'll try without adding that next time. I'd definitely throw some fresh herbs or vegetables in there, as pictured, because the seasoning does have a "this came in a shelf-stable packet" taste to it that needs freshening.
After 15 minutes of soaking, it is still hard and the taste is average
Soaking for 15 minutes is not enough, it is still too hard for me, it should be better cooked
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Unit Qty:
168 g
Wheat (Gluten), Soy.

Shaanxi Cold Noodles, Spicy Flavor

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